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Hargrave Detailing is a structural steel detailing firm opened in 1980 by Reginal D. Hargrave.  Our specialty is both commercial and industrial steel detailing.  We have experience in multiple story bulidings, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, stairs/rails, shopping centers, warehouses, sports complexes, and miscellaneous.  We have three things we constantly strive for:  Timeliness, Quality Work, and Good Customer Service.

Hargrave Detailing has a very diverse portfolio and has worked on a wide variety of projects requiring a myriad of skills in many areas of the world.  Our approximate annual volume of completed drawings is about 10K - 15K in tons. 

The largest volume of our business has progressed from hand drawing to computer-based technology due to advancements in AutoCad and SDS2 capabilities. A large portion of our detailers and checkers are NISD certified so we are offering high quality skills to our clients.  Most of the employees have been with the company over ten years.  We are like family.  We enjoy the work we do and feel a sense of pride in the quality we produce.  We have also created strong working relationships with our clients over the years through meeting their needs and producing high quality work.